Monday, June 1, 2020


The Home Stretch-

Monday, 6/1 - Wednesday, 6/3 - Print Independent Study Packet Week 8 (pdf found
in email). Double check your tracing workbook to make sure the pages have been
completed, including the words at the back. Some of the resources I provided in prior
weeks can be worked on intermittently throughout the summer, if you didn’t already
complete them. There is A LOT of work there! 
Father’s Day is coming up this month (June 21). You can show your Dad how special he
is by doing something extra helpful or extra kind for him. You could make him a
special breakfast, bake his favorite cookies or dessert (with an adult’s help), draw
him a picture or make him a card, take him fishing, take him on a picnic, or a bike ride.
Ask him what HE wants to do, and maybe you and your Mom can make it happen. 
I would like you to set a personal goal this Summer. Consider writing your name,
learning all the letters in the alphabet, or all of your numbers. How well can you
write them? If you have mastered those, try learning the sounds the letters make,
see if you are able to sound out words or learn sight words. Some of you are reading
already. The Newberg City Library is currently closed, but I encourage you to utilize
its resources when they become available.
How high can you count? Do you know all of your shapes? Aim for something attainable,
but challenge yourself. Continue working on strengthening those hands, too. Strong
hands and muscle control are the keys to nice handwriting. 


I’m sure everyone has exciting plans this Summer, so stay safe and have fun!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Week of 5/26-5/29

Week of 5/26-5/29

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. 

5/25, Monday - Memorial Day (no school)

5/26, Tuesday - We should have completed every letter of the 
alphabet in our tracing workbooks. Check to see that you didn’t 
miss any. If you haven’t traced the words in the back of the 
workbook, go ahead and do so. 
Also, see printables in email for “Consonant-Vowel-Consonant” 
(CVC) words. This will be challenging for the 3’s group but more 
appropriate for those entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

5/27, Wednesday - Log in to Scholastic Weekly Reader “Let’s Find Out”
and read and explore “High Five For Summer Safety”. Watch the video,
play the game. (Hardcopies of magazine and worksheets were sent home.)
Instead of High-fiving, consider greeting people with the foot tap I
showed you in March.

5/28, Thursday - See Week 7 Independent Study Packet for Preschool. (PDF in email.)

5/29, Friday - Continue the Study Packet printed on Thursday.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Week of 5/18-5/22

Monday 5/18-See independent study sheets available on email. They can be
worked on throughout the week.

Tuesday 5/19- Trace the letter “I” in the workbook, then trace the
lowercase “i”. Think of the sounds this vowel makes. It has a long sound
(ice-cream, iron, iris, idea) and a short sound (in, igloo, iguana, itchy) and
this letter, like all vowels, is usually found in between consonants to make
words like bit, did, kid, sit. Next week we will work on consonant-vowel-
consonant words because we have just finished learning every letter in
the alphabet and can move on to making words!

Wednesday 5/20- Weekly Reader time! Log in and read “Taking Care of Baby”
to learn about how different animals care for their young. How is this similar
to the way your parents care for you? Do the worksheets, watch the video,
play the game. 

Thursday 5/21- Do the shape review worksheet provided in the bag your
parents picked up Friday before last.

Friday 5/22- Memorial Day is Monday, 5/25. What is Memorial Day? It is
a holiday for honoring our military who have passed on while serving the U.S.A. 
Many people use this day to remember all of their deceased family members
by decorating their graves. This is a long-time tradition in my family. How
does your family celebrate this holiday?
Here is a cool wreath you can make from a white paper plate and red and blue paper;

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Week of 5/11-5/15

Monday 5/11 - Plant your sunflower and do the worksheet I provided in your take 
home bag. I bet it grows taller than you! Be sure to follow the directions and take a 
picture of it to share with me in the Fall. I can’t wait to see how well you take care of it!

Tuesday 5/12 - Let’s trace the letter “Q” in your workbook. Go ahead and do the 
lowercase “q”, too. Do you know the sound the “q” makes? Can you think of some 
“q” words? If you can, trace the “q” words at the back of the workbook.

Wednesday 5/13 - Go to Scholastic “Let’s Find Out” Magazine. Go to “Super Sea 
Turtles” in May/June Readers. After you read the book, watch the videos, do the sight 
word game. Or, you can read the hardcopy I sent home in your bag and do the 

Thursday 5/14 - See email for worksheets to print for Thursday busywork.

Friday 5/15 - Make the paper plate turtle (worksheet and paper plate can be found in
 the bag your parents picked up on Friday) Color it however you like. Cut out the head, 
legs, tail, and glue them on the plate. An example is on the scholastic site under
Super Sea Turtles.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Week of 5/4 - 5/8

Week of 5/4 - 5/8 

Monday 5/4 - Do you know the parts of an insect?  They have a head, a thorax, and an
abdomen. Some insects have wings and some don’t, but they all have 6 legs.
Question; is a spider an insect? Is a worm an insect? Is a Potato bug/Sow bug/Roly-poly
an insect? (No for all) How about an ant or a bee? Yes! I like to say, “All insects are
bugs, but not all bugs are insects!” 
Go to Scholastic Weekly Reader site “Busy, Buzzy Bees”  to play the insect game.
Put your scissor skills to the test and do the “insect-label the body parts worksheet” (in email).

Tuesday 5/5 - Trace the letter “Z” in your workbook, then do the lowercase “z”. Practice
some of your own. Notice the lines are straight not curved. What makes the “ZZZZZZZZ”
sound? Bees! Also, when you read about someone sleeping, they almost always use
the “zzzzzzzzz” in text. What are some “Z” words? (zap, zipper, zebra, zoo) or words
that end in “z” are buzz, fizz, jazz, fuzz, quiz, etc,.

Wednesday 5/6  - Weekly Reader! Busy, Buzzy Bees! Go to scholastic to read and watch
video. Also, the header has an “insect” option with activities and Readers from last year.
Go ahead and explore those.

Thursday 5/7 -  What things are crescent shaped? I can think of a few, a crescent moon, a croissant (!!!), bananas,an orange slice. I do not have a worksheet pdf, but have provided a hardcopy with your bag to pick up tomorrow. The other side of that worksheet is the color purple. Please practice your coloring skills and do a nice job staying in the lines. What else can be purple besides grapes? Eggplants, plums, some flowers (lilacs, hydrangeas, violets).

Friday 5/8  -  See pdf for independent study packet #4 in email. Print all pages, or just the
pages you want. 

Don’t forget Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day! Do something extra nice for Mom like make
your bed and clean your room, bring her a bouquet of flowers, make a home-made card,
draw her a special picture, offer to help out around the house or yard. Be creative! There are
so many ways you can show her love and thank her for all she does for you and your family.

Here are some close-ups of bees from my own backyard-

Monday, April 27, 2020

Week of 4/27-5/1

Monday, 4/27 & Tuesday, 4/28- I've provided pdf for Preschool self-study workbook to print in email.
You can print it all or only the pages you want to work on.

Wednesday, 4/29 - Log in to Scholastic "Let's Find Out" and go to the April Weekly Reader "Would You Munch A Plant For Lunch?" Read, watch video, play games. If you are able to print worksheets, do those as well.

Thursday, 4/30 See lesson plan for architecture collage. Use shapes to create a building or city-scape.

Friday, 5/1 -  It's May Day! This is an ancient holiday celebrating Spring and flowers. As Catholics, we use it to kick off a month-long celebration of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. When I was a child, we made May Day baskets and left them on our neighbor's front door to surprise them and let them know we were thinking of them. During this time of isolation and self-distancing, it might be great to bring that back again. Make your own May Day basket! Use straws or pipe cleaners as stems, egg cartons, muffin liners, coffee filters as flowers. Color them with paint or food coloring. Re-use a plastic bottle as a vase. Or better yet, surprise your neighbor with real flowers. However you do it, the thought is what counts.

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